This offering of prayer may be made on its own or in the context of Morning or Evening Prayer.

On your allocated day, please offer prayers for the parish morning and evening.

  • We pray for our parish in interregnum, for all in positions of responsibility to maintain our parish at this time, and we pray for our new priest Fr John Luff.
  • We pray for Fr John Herve in his retirement.
  • We pray for each individual member of our congregations that we may be faithful to our vocations and worthy ambassadors of our Catholic faith.
  • We pray for all who live and work in our Parish boundaries; holding them up for God’s blessing.
  • We pray for St Agatha’s Boxing Club and St Barnabas Nursery.
  • We pray for those who are in need or ill (please see current intercessions list).
  • We pray for those who have died (recently and anniversaries).