Bright shall the day of Saint Agatha rise,
Virgin and martyr, for lo! from the skies,
Christ, as a lover, stooped tenderly down,
Crowning her brow with his duplicate crown.

Born unto affluence, gentle in blood,
Wealth and temptation she bravely withstood;
Earth with its vanities casting aside,
Binding her soul to her God as a bride.

Stronger of heart than the tyrant, her foe,
Patient she bowed ‘neath the lash and the blow;
And by her bosom, all rent by the sword,
Proved her invincible love for the Lord.

Bleeding and bound in the prison, behold!
Peter restored the sweet lamb to his fold;
Gladly she faces the torture again.
Rising in triumph o’er evil and pain.

Even the strangers, who knew not the Lord,
Flying destruction, were saved by her word;
Surely to those who are marked with his seal,
She will bring graces to help and to heal.

Glorious Agatha, now as a bride,
Raised by your Saviour, you stand at his side;
Hear us and plead for us, keeping your day,
Lift us and lead us to Jesus, we pray.