If you can't visit after Mass or other service, we will be happy to open up the church at an agreed time. Just email or ring us on 0121 449 2790

School Visits

We are now open again  for school visits from any school year, and can provide:

Here are some useful resources:

This is also available as a Powerpoint file - with no sound but with notes (12 mB)

Have a look at our ‘East Window’. It is based on the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

What can you see in the East Window?

Can you see: (hint -move the mouse around the image to see that area magnified)

1. Jesus
2. The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove
3. The Lamb of God
4. The Blessed Virgin Mary
5. Seven churches
6. Four horsemen
7. The book with the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet.
8. St Agatha praying (bottom right)

colouring sheets- pdfs to print. (page 2 is the picture window above).

quiz 1 (using Padlet) The link in the bottom right corner takes you to the answers.

Kahoot (needs to be set up by a teacher or someone with a Kahoot password)

We recommend that primary school children don't visit during the winter as the church is only heated on Sunday mornings, and its a big airy building.

We don't charge for any visits : we want to share this wonderful building with as many people as possible.