a visitor reports

On Saturday 7th April, a group of women who had never previously met gathered outside St Agatha's to participate in a three-hour adventure, exploring how the commodification and mythologising of breasts within our society - from bra shops to art galleries, from religion to sex - impacts on how we relate to our own breasts. The walk, commissioned  by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as part of their 'Coming Out' exhibition, and originally created with the support of Still Walking festival, was the brainchild of Claire Collison. Artist, writer, and breast cancer survivor, Claire designed the original walk for London, but certainly found plenty of relevant content for a Birmingham version, and a highlight of the tour was being given access to St Agatha‚Äôs relic. Claire would especially like to thank Priscilla Rainford, who was so welcoming, and provided such an informative introduction to Saint Agatha.


St Agathas relic

with the relic of our patron

breast sign

along the walk, Rea St, Highgate