Books etc by and about Fr GD Rosenthal kindly donated
to St Agatha’s Church by Quintin Greatrex and David Stokes


8th Station

  • Rosenthal by CE Russell                               1939

Booklets by Fr GD Rosenthal

  • In the Christian Home[1]                            1925
  • Whys for the Would Be Wise                         1928


Books by Fr GD Rosenthal

  • The Saint in the Street                       1930
  • So-called Rebels[2]                              1930
  • Festival and Fast                               1930
  • Ageless Stories                              1931
  • Yesterday, Today and Forever        1933
  • The Woundrous Cross                      1934
  • Sins of the Saints                               1938
  • Survival                                               1939
  • Quest and Achievement                    1939

“John Bull” Tracts[3] (ed. K MacKenzie[4] and Rosenthal)   undated

  • No 2    Is Jesus God?
  • No 3    We Preach Christ Crucified
  • No 5    How Often Should I Go to Communion?
  • No 6    What Happens at the Font?
  • No 7    Are You Superstitious?
  • No 8    Sunday, and How to Keep It
  • No 13 What About Hell?
  • No 15  Should the Sacrament be Reserved?
  • No 21  Before the Tabernacle
  • No 25  Is Rome Right?
  • No 37 Do Catholics Worship Bread and Wine?
  • No 41  Bowing and Scraping
  • No 50  Grace, and How to Obtain It
  • No 53  How to Read the Bible

[1] One of a series of 17 booklets on “sociological matters” which “did not go down very well, for church people in 1924 took less interest in such matters than they do now...”: “Rosenthall”, p 109. Charles Gore wrote a General Introduction to the series. He had been at Pusey House in Oxford when in 1892 he founded the Society (later the Community) of the Resurrection; he was Bishop of Worcester from 1902, and in 1905 became first Bishop of Birmingham (he had helped create the Diocese by splitting the Worcester territory). He became Bishop of Oxford in 1911.  

[2] With the Rev Canon FG Belton, Vicar of St Patrick’s Bordesley

[3] Published by the Catholic (later Church) Literature Association of the Anglo-Catholic Congress

[4] Kenneth Mackenzie was Secretary of the Home Association of the Anglo-Catholic Congress and later Bishop of Brechin.